Hi, I’m Andrew.
I turn delightful ideas into real things.

I used to do this at The Atlantic and POLITICO. Now, I'm building things with people like you.

My whole deal

I’m a catalyst. In chemistry, a catalyst is a third element that sparks a reaction between otherwise inert compounds. As a reporter 🕵️, a product manager 👨‍💼, and a maker 🧑‍💻, I’ve always brought the flash of energy to make something new happen.

On its own, an idea is nothing. But when you take the first, tiny, wonderous step of transforming an idea into something concrete, no matter how small — that’s magic. And that’s what I do. ✨

What I offer

Product strategy
You have an idea — you think? — but you’re not sure what’s next. I’m your product partner-in-crime, fleshing out your thinking, provoking new directions, and building a plan.
Things I do: Collaborate on business plans, build product pipelines, define the problems you actually need to solve
Prototyping and launching
You have a thing you want to build, but you’re stuck on your next step. I can carry you through to launch, whether that’s an App Store release, a prototype for a successful VC pitch, or a new digital initiative. From design to technical specs to actually building the dang thing, call me your co-pilot.
Things I do: Scope features, build project plans, design in Figma, code with React/Vue/Svelte, dig into backend databases, manage all the things on AWS, run a lean-and-mean stand-up
Coding for hire
You’ve got a project, I’ve got an empty code editor and 10 fingers ready to start typing. I’ve dreamt up and built countless editorial websites and storytelling experiences — I’m always looking for a cool way to delight users with code.
Things I do: Front-end coding with React/Vue/Svelte, back-end coding with Python and Node, viz work with D3.js, storytelling of all kinds with my little gray cells
Whatever you’re looking to build,
I’d love to chat. Drop me a line.